February 24, 2014

Patrick Senckowski,
PurAir Hawaii

To Whom it may concern,
I have known Pat Senckowski for twelve years.  Pat had worked with me at Mott-Smith Laniloa while I was the Resident manager.  I hired his company, PurAir Hawaii, to take care of the hallway air handlers in the building.  They did a good job and I was impressed with the work performed by Pat and his team of trained service personnel.

In the past, pat would send letters to my residents and tell me about Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).  I would ask him to stop, as most condos have windows and doors that can open to allow fresh air and do not have ducts that are connected from unit to unit.  In time, I discovered that while we didn't have SBS, we could still get sick from the fan coil unit (air handler) if not properly maintained and/or upgraded.  The fan coil unit could be making you sick or bringing on allergies.  My wife suffers from allergies and other breathing issues due to chronic asthma.  I had Pat put together a proposal to rehab the fan coil units here at The Royal Iolani and do the association's unit, which I reside in, as a sample.

Wow! Within days of the work performed by Pat and his team, my wife started getting relief of her allergies and did not use her inhalers for her asthma near as much as sh had been.

When Pat rebuilt the fan coil unit for my apartment it included the following: new insulation throughout, reconditioning of he blower housing, a new digital thermostat w/ energy savings, electrostatic filters (2), a new two way valve motor w/ assembly, coil removal for deep cleaning and rust proofing, Fiber-locking of all ducts, and a 15" TUV light with an extended warranty.

Needless to say, the Board voted to accept the quote from PurAir and proceed with the rehabilitation of 450 fan coil units.  This project will take about seven years to complete and will be paid for through our Capital Reserve Funds which had already been budgeted for so there will not be any extra charges to our homeowners.  The total cost is 1.2 million dollars.

The Royal Iolani owns all the fan coil units throughout the project.  We have already done all the hallways in both towers and have just started on the apartments.  This project will save us money in a few different ways: (1) There is no longer a need to purchase poly pads (filters), (2) the UV light eliminates the need for drain pan algae tabs, and (3) the new thermostats will shut down the blower when room temperature reaches the set point.

I would recommend PurAir to other Building Managers and Homeowners for any of their fan coil, air conditioning, and duct cleaning needs.


David Ickes
General Manager
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