Meet The Owner

Patrick "Pat" Senckowski
Founder and Owner, PurAir Hawaii

Aloha! My name is Patrick “Pat” Senckowski and I am the founder/owner of PurAir Hawai’i. My family was in the appliance repair business for 35 years on the mainland and I was the last owner for 26 years before deciding to move “home” to Hawai'i. When I first started here, I was a sales manager for an air conditioning cleaning company whose primary concern was their own financial health, while people’s health was secondary. This mindset is in direct conflict with my belief, which is to prioritize the customer’s need first and provide value for the service provided. So that became the primary motivation behind my creating PurAir Hawai’i in 1999.

Over 35 Years of Experience

In 35 years of experience with HVAC system cleaning and repair, I have had substantial experience with repairs, mold, and fungi remediation. After extensive experience with air conditioning systems, I know that ‘low price’ is no indicator of value, especially where quality of work is concerned. For years, PurAir Hawai’i has known about mold in so many homes, because we’ve dealt with it on a day-to-day basis. But, we were not initially aware of the associated health risks that came with it! Dirty ducts not only reduce efficiency but also dispense contaminants. Packed debris requires knowledge to remove and accumulated dust and debris can become food for mold. What you can’t see may still leave you exposed to sicknessWe at PurAir Hawai’i, know how to get rid of mold!
Mold build up in an air conditioning system

Source Removal

What I discovered to be the key is “source removal.” If you do not seek out the source of where the mold and fungi exists, it rapidly will grow back. If mold exists, it settles deep within the fan coils and only thorough cleaning with solvents and high pressure heat treatment, can it get out. It is hard work and labor- intensive, but it is the only way to get it done! Surface cleaning does not get to the “source.” That is why quarterly cleaning programs are only effective after full cleaning and de-contamination. 
Once the full cleaning and de-contamination processes are complete, annual re-treatments can keep mold regrowth contained. PurAir Hawai’i provides high quality duct cleaning for ultra clean indoor air and peace of mind for our clients with well-maintained and cleaned, air flow, A/Cs and duct systems. We also recommend fiber sealing of insulation to prevent mold and fungi from establishing a moisture food source within the insulation itself. It is our commitment to execute successful “source removal” and we implement preventive programs to keep mold from coming back.

Serving the Community

Our experience has been that with the support of the Board of Directors and Resident Manager, we are able to contribute to resident awareness on the subject of indoor air quality and enable an assessment of individual unit conditions. Working together, we are able to coordinate cleaning of those units that require it, resulting in group discounts and other valuable programs. As part of PurAir Hawai’i service, free inspections are always provided, because people deserve to know the condition of the HVAC system and air ducts, and our company will be more than happy to explain and answer their questions.

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